Erasmus for All

January, 2022 to March, 2025
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Contributing to reducing the existing asymmetry in the EU, promoting fairness, inclusion and equity of mobility grants between individuals and among the EU economic diversity are the ultimate goals that this project wishes to pursue. 
The implementation of Erasmus for All will encompass the organisation of a series of activities, events and publications with policy relevance to reach the decision makers in Brussels and produce real transformation in the programme’s design, particularly concerning the funding of individual mobility at Higher Education level. 
Its concrete objectives are to:
  • Keep the topics of inclusion and equity in the policy agenda;
  • Build a shared understanding among key stakeholders on the desired trajectory/evolution of the Erasmus+ grant system;
  • Engage with policy and decision makers on resource allocation strategies that address the needs of the political goal of widening participation in mobility;
  • Provide relevant and in-depth input for the mid-term review of the new Erasmus+ programme.