15 June, 2012 - 16:09 to 16 June, 2012 - 16:10

This year’s SG Network General Assembly will be held at the University of Malmö between 15-16 June 2012. The conference theme is Engaging with Regions: Universities as drivers of economic and social change.

The event will focus on the question of universities’ regional engagement, and how can they contribute to promoting social and economic development, better integrate into local communities and be a key and strategic player in local and regional governance. This raises issues of innovation and creativity and the idea that to be successful, universities need to adopt ‘smart’ strategies. Given the location of the meeting at Malmö near the southern tip of Sweden and close to Denmark, it is also hoped to give a cross-border dimension to this theme.
The first part of the conference day will be devoted to keynote speakers involving recognised international specialists in this field such as Prof. John Goddard from Newcastle University, Jaana Puukka from OECD and Daniel Sandström, editor of the local newspaper.
Finally, after the review of the Group’s finances and operational activities in 2011 we will move on to the election of a new president and new committee members, followed by the presentation of activities and the budget for 2012-13.

We are looking forward to seeing all our members in Malmö!
Here, you can find the PROGRAMME of the SG General Assembly 2012.

Presentations GA 2012

John Goddard

"Connecting Universities to Regional Growth"

Jaana Puukka

"Universities driving stronger, fairer and cleaner cities & regions. Lessons from the OECD reviews of higher education in regional and city development"

Karin Johansson-Mex

"MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative at Malmö University"

Lorenza Rega

"The University of Trieste moving towards a federative system"

Ryszard Białecki

"Interaction of the Silesan University of Technology with industry, local governmente and education system in Upper Silesia"

Eva Engquist

"Malmö University"

John Tuppen

"SG Review 2008-12"

Wioletta Wegorowska

"SG Projects 2012-13"

The accommondation will be at the Astoria Hotel, which the SG har already pre-booked for the participants.

Grabrodersgatan 7,
Malmö 21121,


Malmö is called the City of Parks, and of all Swedish cities they have the highest concentration of restaurants per capita. That’s why the city is also very famous for its food. Malmö is a popular visitation spot, among other, due to its shopping, spa and museum opportunities. For a list of attractions, see here.

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