Liaison Officers


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Each SG member university appoints its own officer. Within the administrative structure of the Group, Liaison Officers are the most important assets. Realisation of the SG objectives depends largely on effective communication and cooperation between a member university and the SG Secretariat. The Liaison Officers who usually come from the International Offices serves with their knowledge and extensive contacts to inform their academic society about the whole range of the Santander Group’s activities. The Liaison Officers meet regularly once a year being hosted by one of the member universities to discuss the present problems, learn about new initiatives within the network and settle a new agenda of the activities for the next academic year.

To see the list of present Liaison Officers, click here 


  • to assure effective flow of information and knowledge between a member university and the Secretariat in Brussels
  • to participate actively in initiating and executing the SG agenda with a special focus on representing their member universities needs and objectives
  • to promote the network’s activities by creating and expanding information distribution channels within the member universities, emails, website links, leaflets, SG Newsletters and bulletins
  • to build the SG base of experts on topic relevant to the present activities of the Network for further development of the exchange of experience and sharing good practices
  • to participate in the Santander Group gatherings and meetings to contribute with opinions, suggestions and expertise
  • to mobilise staff and students to participate in the SG’s dedicated activities
  • to share best practices of their member universities in the areas strategic for the SG network such as implementation of the Bologna Process, quality assurance in teaching and research, mobility etc.
  • to serve with knowledge, experience and initiative to prepare joint international projects, building project consortium raising external funds for member universities and the Network’s activities
  • to promote the SG’s good image and activities on regular basis by organising meetings, distributing leaflets and assuring the IT




  • 1993        Limerick; Ireland – 4-5 June
  • 1994        Bergen, Norway – 14-18 May
  • 1995        Catania, Italy – 25-27 May
  • 1996       
  • 1997        Patras, Greece – 18-19 September
  • 1998        Limerick, Ireland – 29-30 May
  • 1999        Malta - 22-23 October
  • 2000        Rennes, France – 29-30 September
  • 2001        Dresden, Germany – 12-13 October
  • 2002        Budapest, Hungary – 4-5 October
  • 2003        Trondheim, Norway – 3-4 October
  • 2004        Grenoble, France – 14-16 October
  • 2005        Murcia, Italy – 14-15 October
  • 2006        Braga, Portugal – 27-28 October
  • 2007        Göteborg, Sweden – 7-8 September
  • 2008        Rovira i Virgili University Tarragona, Spain – 9-11 October
  • 2009        Ghent University – 15-17 October
  • 2010        Eindhoven University of Technology – 8-9 October
  • 2011        Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan, Poland – 6-7 October
  • 2012        Univerisity of Leon, Spain 4-6 October 
  • 2013        University of Rouen, France 10-11 October
  • 2014        Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, 7-8 November 
  • 2015        University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 5 November
  • 2016        Norwegian University of Science and Techonoly, 1 December
  • 2017        University of Liege, 9 November