TTSMU - Social Mission of Universities

The Social Mission of Universities (SMU)  embraces all the socially responsive and responsible engagements that Higher Education Institutions enact within their institutions and with collaborative partners to enhance the societal and human good.

The SGroup's Think Tank for the Social Mission of Universities (TTSMU) was created to stimulate further dialogue and learning around and engagement with Social Mission in Higher Education (HE) within the SGroup network and the wider HE sphere. 

Our ThinkTank has already published some reports and is also preparing a set of plans for future activity which we want to make as relevant and collaborative as possible. The future work plan of the TTSMU will be grounded in collaborative and co-creative activities within and beyond the SGroup. 

If your institution considers Social Mission a key development priority, please do not hesitate to contact us at: with feedback, questions, and even suggestions for future activities.


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