January, 2020 to December, 2021
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The project builds on the experience and outcomes of the TUNING – CALOHEE Project. The project outcomes intend to strengthen the position of the European and national higher education sector and the degree programmes offered, by evidencing what is actually learned. This involves the development of Subject Area based Qualifications Reference Frameworks (Bachelor and Master) for the wider public and all stakeholders and more detailed Assessment Reference Frameworks for specialists in the field. Both frameworks contribute to the enhancement and fairness of external and internal quality assurance mechanisms. 

In other words: reference frameworks offer clear indicators for the design and implementation of degree programmes and show the intended learning to be relevant to society. Relevance in TUNING-CALOHEE involves three meanings: (1) the pleasure of the individual of becoming knowledgeable; (2) the preparation for finding employment which is aligned to what has been learned and (3) preparation for a role in society. From higher education graduates it might be expected that they contribute – in a more managerial role – to the sustainability and further development of society.