9 SGroup universities in pilot projects to forward international cooperation in the EU

8 February 2023

The European Commission has approved 10 Erasmus+ projects to pilot Joint European Degree labels and a legal status for European universities alliances which will involve 9 SGroup universities.

CY Cergy Paris Université, University of Minho, Ghent University, Sapienza University of Rome, Kaunas University of Technology, Technological University Dublin, and Polytechnic University of Valencia are members in six of the selected projects will examine, test, and facilitate the delivery of a joint European Degree label, complementary certificate to the qualification of students graduating from joint programmes that represents a step towards a joint European degree.

The other four projects will allow alliances of higher education institutions, such as ‘the European Universities', to test new forms of cooperation, such as a possible European legal status for these alliances.

Tampere University, University of Liège, Technological University Dublin and Kaunas University of Technology will be participating in four of the projects working with alliances of higher education institutions to test new forms of EU cooperation, such as a possible European legal status to increase their capacity to act together and pool resources and capacities.

Each project will receive up to €200 000 from the Erasmus+ programme for the duration of one year, with an expected start in spring 2023. The results should contribute to next steps and proposals The aim of these projects is to experiment new forms of transnational cooperation between higher education institutions, in line with the European strategy for universities.

SGroup congratulates its members and all the institutions involved in these projects and wishes them a successful endeavour.

For more information on the topic, consult the European Commission press release here.


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