Project Steering Group - PSG

The SGroup is ideally placed to engage with or lead European and internationally funded projects that reflect and reinforce the group’s strategic objectives and further enhance its reputation as an engine of reflection, progress, and change in the European Higher Education arena.


In order to maximise the SGroup’s reach and impact in this area, a high-level Project Steering Group (PSG) has been formed during the 2023 Annual Meetings held in Santander.

The purpose of the PSG is to:

a) steer, strategically, project selection, application, and delivery, and

b) take overarching responsibility for monitoring the progress of projects and reviewing deliverables.

The PSG will make recommendations to the Executive Committee on project selection and the development of project-related strategy, policy, and good practice.


The Steering Group will have the following tasks:

  • Steer the selection of strategically significant projects that reflect and enhance SGroup strategy and reputation, and make recommendations to the Executive Committee;
  • Develop project-related strategy, policy, and good practice, and make recommendations to the EC on these areas;
  • Ensure clarity on SGroup engagement with and commitments to selected projects, with all key stakeholders;
  • Provide senior level leadership of projects or, through liaison with SGroup colleagues, communities, and institutions, identify project leads and teams from within SGroup member institutions and working groups;
  • Ensure ongoing direction of project work and monitoring and review of project deliverables;
  • Support the SGroup secretariat in relation to the secretariat’s work on project application, development and deliverables;
  • Ensure effective communication within and outside the SGroup on the network engagement with projects.



The PSG comprises 5 senior colleagues from within and outside the SGroup's Executive Committee:

  • An Executive Committee member with senior strategic leadership experience 
  • A non-EC member with senior strategic leadership experience 
  • The Executive Committee project lead 
  • A non-Executive Committee member with significant experience of project development and delivery 
  • A representative of the SGroup Office, with project leadership and management experience
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