Executive Committee


  • preparation and execution of the programme of activities of the Association;
  • preparation of the General Assembly meetings;
  • the EC presents to the General Assembly;
  • the Annual Report of Activities;
  • the Programme of future activities;
  • the Financial Report for the preceding calendar year;
  • the Budget for the following year;
  • proposals about membership.

The Executive Committee holds at least two meetings every academic year.

Current Executive Committee members:

Arnim Heinemann
Arnim Heinemann


 University of Bayreuth (Germany)


Maria Del Mar
Cecilia Christersson


Former Vice rector for Global Engagement and Challenge Based Learning at Malmö University, Sweden

Maria Del Mar
Maria Del Mar Fernandez

Secretary of the Executive Committee

University of Valladolid (Spain)


Adina Fodor
Adina Fodor

Babes-Bolyai University (Romania)


Frederik De Decker

Ghent University (Belgium)

Kathleen O'Connor

University of Lille (France)

Patricia Petit
Joanna Misiukajtis

University of Szczecin (Poland)


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