Alban Alumni Network

24 April 2009

The AlBan Alumni Network was created within the framework of the AlBan Programme with the main goal to enable maintenance of contacts and the establishment of cooperation between all the Latin-Americans who benefited from an education/training scholarship in the European Union, once they have returned to their home countries. This network will also be open to the participation of former grantees from the Programme ALFA and to other Latin-American students or professionals who benefited from cooperation programmes between the two regions.

The AlBan Alumni Network intends to support a continuing relationship and the creation of synergise between all the Latin-American and European schools. In order to facilitate an exchange of ideas and share experience by the ex-grantees, a series of conferences took place in Latin America with participation of business and academic communities.

The latest AlBan Alumni Conferences took place in Bogotá, Colombia (November 2008), Buenos Aires, Argentina (March 2009), Sao Paulo, Brazil (March 2009) and Mexico City, Mexico (to take place in 2009). All three are countries with a strong participation in the AlBan Programme.


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