ERASMUS MUNDUS JOINT PROGRAMMES - Application and Management procedures

11 January 2011

11 January, 2011 - 10:46

Successful application and management procedures of Erasmus Mundus Action 1 Joint Programmes Case studies of hands-on practices and experiences 11th January 2011

The EM Joint Programmes provide excellent opportunities to fund high-quality master and doctoral programmes by offering schoarships/fellowships to consortia of minimum 3 countries, including partners from all over the world. The Programmes include obligatory study and research periods in at least two universities, and award recognised double, multiple, or joint degrees.

The high-quality elements depend on expertise and excellence of academic staff in the project consortium, innovative and competitive curricula of studies, but also efficient management of these high-level mobility programmes. The involvement of third country co-operation is a way of expanding a university's global outreach while funding non-university partners e.g. enterprises or research institutes can increase the practice-oriented approach of studies. Currently, there are 124 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Courses and only 22 Joint Doctorates funded by the European Commission.

The above mentioned arguments make the Joint Programmes highly-competitive with a very low selection rate of about 14%. This figure can be explained not only by the number of submitted projects but also by the complexity of the application procedure. The most crucial aspects of preparing a competitive application as well as management practices based on hands-on experiences coming from current project co-ordinators of Joint Master Courses and Doctoral Programmes will be in the focus of this specialised seminar e.g.:

  • Guidelines and good practices of an application procedure
  • Conditions for building strong and competitive consortia for both master and doctoral courses
  • Conditions of third country participation
  • Financial criteria: eligible costs, mixed financing, co-financing principles
  • Award and recognition of double, multiple and joint degrees

Representatives of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), responsible for the management of the Erasmus Mundus Programme will provide information on the technical aspects of the application and management procedures, while the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands & Flanders (NVAO) will answer questions concerning the conditions and regulations for awarding and recognising double, multiple, and joint degrees across Europe and with third countries. The event offers an excellent opportunity to meet project co-ordinators and to establish some contacts for future projects.



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