Erasmus without Paper comes to an end, but goes on anyway

2 March 2020

The Erasmus without Paper 2.0 project came to an official end on 31 December 2019 but the Steering Committee has decided to  continue functioning for at least an additional six months on a voluntary basis.

The project has realized all its objectives and more. For a full technical overview of what the EWP Network is about, click here.

The EWP project not only elaborated an extensive website, but has also provided the core of a future help strategy (the Competence Centre), a detailed Developer’s website and an EWP  GitHub platform

From 2021, the EWP standards become mandatory in the new Erasmus programme. More and more HEIs are requesting access to EWP (see the Competence Centre on how to do that). Many have already been included in the Development environment (DEV), which is a testing environment and in our production environment (PROD), we have now more than 300 HEIs who fulfil all requirements to be a full EWP partner. In the meantime the InterInstitutional Agreement Manager has been integrated in the Erasmus+ Dashboard and both will operate fully within the EWP Network. 

In addition,  a new project proposal under the CEF TELECOM CALL For Proposals 2019 has been submitted. The proposed project is called  European Digital Student Service Infrastructure (EDSSI). It involves EWP but it is about much more, since it sets out to build a EU Student eCard core service platform by consolidating and integrating a range of ongoing digitalisation initiatives that are part of the European Commission’s European Student Card Initiative, of which EWP is a driving part. The result of the call should be known sometime late spring.

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