Euromed Permanent University Forum

6 December 2007

The Santander Group has established relations with EuroMed Permanent University Forum (EPUF). with the aim to reinforce its role in the Mediterranean Area and to enable the SG members to share knowledge and experience in Mediterranean cooperation with other international organisations. Through accomplishing the formal procedure, the SGroup is going to become a co-founding member of EPUF.

The objective of EPUF is to empower higher education institutions so that they could meet the needs of the Mediterranean citizens of both shores in order to guarantee their progress and enhancement, in line with the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the European Union, member states, already existing networks, institutions committed to the development of our societies.

Although EPUF is a young institution (in November 2006 EPUF started the formal procedures of registration in the Brussels registry of associations, under the Belgian law for the International Non Profit Association), it has already been active in the Mediterranean regions, also within the framework of European Projects such as ERASMUS MUNDUS - External Cooperation Windows and TEMPUS. Moreover, EPUF is a partner with Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures.

EPUF has 5 working groups:

·         Mobility

·         Harmonization and quality assurance

·         Management and Training

·         Human development and active citizenship

·         Communication and e-learning.


The central Secretariat of EPUF is located in Tarragona

Euromed Permanent University Forum (EPUF)
Executive Secretariat
URV-University of Tarragona
S.Pau, 4 - 43003 Tarragona
Catalonia - SPAIN
Tel. +34977558528 Fax. +34977559739 

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Enric Olivé Serret – Executive Secretary of EPUF – and a delegation from EPUF Secretariat will be present at the SANMED Meeting, on January 18, 2008, in Brussels.


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