Farewell and welcome – SGroup as a beacon of resilience and adaptability

3 May 2021

We all know life is full of surprises, and change is part of our everyday life. Exactly in line with a constantly changing world, our Projects Manager Mariana Sousa decided to look to other shores, and finish her collaboration with SGroup by the end of April. She will be replaced by Joana Freitas from 1 June 2021 onwards. 

We all agree that the work done by Mariana over more than 3 years has been very productive, and in particular, her contribution to the Think Tank Academy has been instrumental to its success.

The President, Arnim Heinemann, the Executive Committee, the Operations manager, Valère Meus, the Secretariat, Joana Sousa, we all thank her and wish her best luck for the future. 

Fortunately, SGroup is able to quickly adapt to changing situations, and we have already found a replacement. Joana Freitas is a young and energetic international relations projects manager and English teacher at the Escola de Comércio in Porto and she is also part of the Youth Network of the European Parliament. She will have the challenging role of taking the reins as our new Projects Manager. Joana will join the Secretariat on 1 June 2021, and we all warmly welcome her.

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