First Projects Café of 2023 - Register now!

21 December 2022

The first Projects Café of 2023 will focus in two very relevant topics: quality assurance and financial management (lump sums), for the upcoming Erasmus+ application season is also approaching.

SGroup is here to support your work, so we will organise on 12 January at 15h CET via Zoom and it will include a short and practical presentation of each topic by experienced SGroup members, and time for Q&A and discussion, which you can use to share ideas about the issues discussed and/or for the Erasmus+ call.

A draft agenda can be found here and will be updated soon.

Attendance is exclusive to staff from SGroup universities and registrations are open now in the following link:

We hope you will join us to kick-off the new here with this short but focused exchange and networking event!

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