How do you engage with society: the IHES project survey

8 March 2021

Is your HEI conducting activities for society with an international dimension? The IHES project, in which SGroup is a full partner, would like to hear your story! Make sure to fill out this survey by 15 March (it will take only 15 minutes). Interesting examples and best practices will be showcased in an online repository and analysed in the report of the Erasmus+ project Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society (IHES).

This mapping exercise aims to inventorize internationalisation activities with respect to the real needs of society. After analysing the needs of society and the results of already existing projects, different approaches will be tested, compared and then set into context with findings related to the mapping exercise in a “regional lab” setting. A quasi-experimental design will be applied to Catalonia and the Olomouc region. This will feed into guidelines for implementing IHES and the development of a regional model. Finally, we would like to establish a network of IHES-friendly organisations to strengthen mutual links for future cooperation.

If you  have any questions about the survey do not hesitate to contact the SGroup Secretariat.

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