31 May 2019

What is virtual exchange?

Virtual Exchange (VE) is a practice, supported by research, that consists of sustained, technology-enabled, people-to-people education programmes or activities in which constructive communication and interaction takes place between individuals or groups who are geographically separated and/or from different cultural backgrounds, with the support of educators or facilitators. Virtual Exchange combines the deep impact of intercultural dialogue and exchange with the broad reach of digital technology.

You can find more information about it at the EVOLVE project's website:


How can you implement a training at your University?

In the context of the EVOLVE project, SGroup is recruiting participant institutions for developing cross-disciplinary Virtual Exchanges in different disciplines. Until July 2019 we aim at reaching educators interested in participating in EVE trainings (either basic or advanced), educators and international partners who want to set up exchanges and educational supporters and international officers who want to learn more about VE.

To engage in this project and register to conduct a training, please click here.

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