International projects resume face-to-face activities

7 November 2021

After a long period of exclusively online meetings, several of SGroup’s international projects have now held hybrid meetings again. They reaffirmed the feeling that face-to-face meetings are important moments to strengthen collaboration with project partners, but also internally among SGroup members taking part in them.

In September, SGroup organized the final meeting of the Rec-Mat project at the University of Porto. It  represented an important opportunity to celebrate the success achieved during the past 4 years.

In early October, in Brussels, the Association for Academic Cooperation provided the IHES partners with the first opportunity to collaborate in person since the project started, allowing for brainstorming, analysis and co-creation. 

Later in the same month, in Tarragona, University Rovira i Virgili hosted a partners meeting and the final stage of the Training of Trainers, two important moments of the SUCTIA project that is approaching its conclusion. 

SGroup looks forward to  meeting our project partners and members more regularly face-to-face again in the future.

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