Our year in review

3 December 2021

In 2020-2021 SGroup developed an intense and effective range of activities, resulting in  a significant development and growth of the organisation. The SGroup Annual Review of Activities 2021, presented at the General Assembly in October 2021, provides a short but comprehensive overview of the main achievements of the organisation in the past year, under the motto ‘Responsible International Higher Education 2021 - transformative modes for sustainable and hybrid engagement’. Click here to download  it.

In times of pandemic - with its visible and sometimes less visible long-lasting consequences - Higher Education has the opportunity and duty, more than ever, to meet new societal challenges with innovative solutions and reliable information and resources. Last year, as a dynamic platform for modern, internationally oriented universities (both in Europe and beyond), SGroup provided its 48 members (5 new ones) with 9 Think Tank Academy events, including two conferences and developed activities under 8 internal Working Groups and Task Forces. Additionally, SGroup was represented in 6 external events with panels formed by its members and was a partner in 7 Erasmus+ projects. These are some highlights of the information you can find in the document linked above.

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