Register for the first TTA event of 2022: internal Roundtable on Summer Schools (members only)

10 January 2022

In a time of growth and development of the SGroup network, the regional Think Tank Academy  chapters want to discuss new possibilities with its members in a Roundtable on 27 January 2022 from 15.00-16.00 CET.

The Think Tank for Latin America has a proposal for an SGroup Summer School in Colombia, to be discussed in this event, along with how to increase the impact of these activities for all SGroup members. 

SGroup Liaison Officers, General Assembly representatives and interested TTA members are invited to join this Roundtable (an informal SGroup event exclusive to members). Contribute with your views and ideas on the development of possible SGroup Summer Schools by signing up here.

The members will learn about a proposal for a new SGroup Summer School titled ‘Colombia: A Glance into the History of Peace and Conflict through Biodiversity, Culture and the Arts’ hosted by Universidad Los Andes. 

The participants will also discuss how to develop the core characteristics of SGroup Summer Schools further. This could be done by involving European members through a greater extent (i.e. as co-organisers or through virtual collaboration activities). The capacity-building and professional development aspects of previous editions will also be considered, as well as a possible SGroup Global Summer school including the three TTA regions: Africa, China and Latin America.

Do not miss the opportunity to join the discussion and contribute to the future of SGroup!

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