SANMED Meeting - Conclusions

18 January 2008

18 January, 2008 - 17:55

The Santander Group organized the SANMED Meeting on January 18th 2008 which was chaired by Cinzia Tutino, Coordinator of the SANMED task force, and Wioletta Wegorowska  Executive Secretary of the Santander Group.

The main objective of the Meeting was to review possibilities of developing cooperation with Mediterranean non UE member countries within the frameworks of the Trans-European mobility scheme for university studies TEMPUS IV. For this reason the event was honoured by the presence of Mr Gilles Rebattet Tempus Programme Manager from the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.

The meeting gathered 22 participants who have committed to submitted jointly a proposal within the SG under TEMPUS IV as well as to make every effort to disseminate information on the SG Project under Erasmus Mundus Action IV “Cultural Preparation Course for North African Students coming to Europe”.

The participants at the SANMED Meeting have also agreed in the course of the meeting that they strongly support the idea of the Santander Group active participation in the EuroMed Permanent University Forum (EPUF), with the objective to develop and share expertise on the Mediterranean policy.

Finally, on the occasion of the SANMED Meeting, the SG Summer School 2008 has been presented. It will take place in Catania, from July 14th to 20th, and it has been entitled “Linguistic Mediation and Intercultural Dialogue between development and integration in the Mediterranean Area” with the participation of guest lecturers from the SG members interested.

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