SGroup 2021 Annual Meetings to go online for the second time

7 June 2021

Even though SGroup was very much looking forward to organising a face-to-face  meeting in Santander in October, the Executive Committee has now decided that the SGroup 2021 Annual Liaison Officer and General Assembly meetings – will be held fully online. They will be shortened by 1 day: the LO meeting will take place on Wed 27 October and the GA meeting on 28 October. As usual, we precede the annual meetings with a Think Tank meeting, which will be held on 26 October. 

The decision to go online was taken after a thorough discussion on the current uncertainty still surrounding the pandemic and possible travel restrictions by our members. The host institution, the University of Cantabria, was consulted but was sceptical about a hybrid format. They did agree, however,  to organise the SGroup Annual meetings in 2023 instead. By then we should be able to organise face-to-face meetings again.

More details will be forthcoming by the end of June.

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