SGroup at EAIE 2021 Community Exchange

13 September 2021

SGroup is proud to bring its annual theme “Responsible International Higher Education 2021” to the virtual EAIE conference.

Following the approval of our proposal, SGroup will present the session ‘Ignite: The digital transformation: how to ensure the right impact on global higher education’ at the EAIE Conference 2021. The presentation will be available on demand throughout the conference, taking place online from 28 September to 1 October.

Five speakers represent our network in this session: Arnim Heinemann (University of Bayreuth), Agata Mannino (University of Trieste), Anca Kiss (Babeș-Bolyai University), Anja Valberg (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Anthony Manning (University of Kent).

The SGroup Ignite© session focuses on ways to make global higher education more robust and resilient, tackling issues such as the different interpretations of responsible development and sustainability in the digital transformation process, and the impact of COVID-19 on the urgency of digitalisation.

The panellists will showcase good practices on internationalisation at home and the digitalisation of global collaboration, such as hybrid formats in research and teaching. They will also provide case studies of adapting activities to digital and hybrid formats and knowledge transfer and technology transfer. 

In addition, many SGroup members will also take part in this conference with their own contributions. SGroup would like to congratulate all members who will be involved in the conference in this way.

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