SGroup at FAUBAI Conference 2022

27 April 2022

On 27 April 2022, SGroup delivered the panel session  “Inclusion - Who’s In? - Bridging perspectives on inclusion and student mobility from Europe and Latin America'' at the FAUBAI 2022 Conference. The informative and wide-ranging session was organised and presented by Barbara Claeys (Ghent University, SGroup Think Tank for Latin America), Patricia Petit (University of Liège, SGroup Executive Committee), Natalia Rubio (University of Los Andes) and Joana Freitas (SGroup Secretariat). They were commended by the participants and moderator for focusing on such a topic.

The session started with an overview of the background and current status of inclusion policies in Higher Education and mobility programmes, followed by different examples of European good practice. Next, a brief contextualisation of Latin America’s programmes to promote access to universities was provided, highlighting the need to move towards social policies that take intersectionality in mind. Afterwards, some proposals to bridge the perspectives of the two continents were shared with the audience, as well as a short description of SGroup’s work with Latin America and the topic of responsible Higher Education, emphasising internal initiatives and EU projects as well the active engagement of our members with inclusion, diversity and equity.

Participation in global Higher Education events is an important part of SGroup’s activities and represents a direct contribution to knowledge transfer, the exchange of good practices and the promotion of inclusive excellence in universities in Europe and beyond. SGroup would like to thank  FAUBAI for welcoming its panel and looks forward to further collaborative activities as part of the collaboration agreement.


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