SGroup Meeting on Doctoral Education in Poznan - Presentations Available

23 July 2019

On Friday 28th June 2019 SGroup in collaboration with Compostela Group held a meeting on doctoral education at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. The one-day panel discussion involved eight speakers: Prof. Ryszard Naskręcki (Deputy Rector AMU Poznań), Prof. Maurits van Roojien (Compostela Group, Global University Systems), Prof. Ferenc Kilar (University of Pecs), Dr Tomas Grysell (University of Gothenburg), Dr Christine Scherer (University of Bayreuth), Prof. Prijo Nikander (Tampere University, Finland), Prof. Laurinda Leite (University of Minho) and Prof. Maria de Lurdes Correia Fernandes (University of Porto, via skype).

There were also a number of lively interventions from the audience, representing mostly deans and heads of doctoral studies units from Poznań, as well as guests from the University of Szczecin. The presentations painted a rich and varied picture of doctoral education in European universities, while the discussion touched upon a number of topical issues in doctoral education, such as employability of Ph.D. holders outside academia, the role of teaching transferable skills in the curriculum, education of supervisors, reasons for low retention ratios in certain doctoral programmes.

The participants expressed an intention to monitor the situation at partner institutions and meet again in the future to assess further developments, especially as some HEIs need to meet new requirements in Ph.D. education placed upon them by ongoing reform at the state level (e.g. Poland and Hungary).

Power point presentations are available at a downloable formed, at the bottom of this page.

PhD meeting 28.06.19 PPT Bayreuth.pdf (2.35 MB)Download
PhD meeting 28.06.19 PPT Gothenburg.pdf (592.56 KB)Download
PhD meeting 28.06.19 PPT Minho.pdf (1.37 MB)Download
PhD meeting 28.06.19 PPT Pecs.pdf (1.57 MB)Download
PhD meeting 28.06.19 PPT Porto.pdf (976.68 KB)Download
PhD meeting 28.06.19 PPT Poznan.pdf (557.61 KB)Download
PhD meeting 28.06.19 PPT Tampere.pdf (2.15 MB)Download
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