SGroup Signs Co-operation Agreement With UDUAL

1 July 2009

UDUAL was created in 1949 and is an organisation representing more than 170 Universities in 21 countries . Their aim to defend the autonomy of universities, to promote the exchange of knowledge through meetings of professionals, seminars and assemblies. UDUAL has also been a forum for the reflection on the problems Latin American universities are faced with in order to improve Higher Education in the continent.
The Network also strives to encourage Latin American universities to better integrate their graduate and post-graduate degrees as well as research. UDUAL is an instrument which favours the transformation of its individual universities into efficient social, economic and cultural elements of development in their respective countries

The main objectives of UDUAL are:

  • to promote and better the relations among Latin American Universities as well as with other institutions and cultural organisations;
  • to coordinate and unify the academic and administrative structures of their member Universities;
  • to promote academic exchanges for teachers, students, researchers and post-graduates and create and disseminate publications which would facilitate the communication and understanding between the member universities;
  • to contribute to the development of a free, peaceful and democratic society enhancing the Latin American ideals of unity, respect for human dignity and social justice;
  • to make its universities a tool of social, economic and cultural development in its region and in the larger context of Latin America;
  • to achieve the cultural integration of Latin America.

For further information, please visit the UDUAL website .

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