SGroup TT4C Webinar - Marketing and recruitment in China: trends and developments under COVID-19 and beyond

8 March 2021

The first SGroup Think Tank for China  (TT4C) webinar took place on 31 March 2021, from 15.00 to 16.00 CET. Robert van Kan, Director of Edvance Education International and expert in cooperation activities with China, will be our invited speaker on the topic ‘Marketing and recruitment in China: trends and developments under COVID-19 and beyond’

For most universities around the world, Chinese students constitute the largest cohort of international students from outside their own country or the EU. The corona crisis has obviously left the world of student mobility in disarray. In this presentation, we will analyze how COVID-19 has impacted student mobility to and from China, and we will discuss what options universities have at their disposal to achieve maximum results in their engagement with the Chinese education market under the present COVID-19 circumstances and beyond.  

The presentation consisted of four parts.:

Part 1 - China and COVID-19: shortly describes the current COVID situation in China, including measures that are presently in place and Chinese perceptions on Western responses to the corona crisis;

Part 2 - COVID-19 and Chinese education: looks at the current impact of Covid 19 on the Chinese higher education sector in general and student mobility in particular;

Part 3 - Marketing: deals with the options available to overseas universities in order to engage with the student market in China under the current restrictive circumstances;

Part 4 - Recruitment: discusses Chinese attitudes towards study abroad under COVID-19 conditions and the changing role of agents in student recruitment.

The webinar was free and open to the public.

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