The Executive Committee of SGroup meets in Porto

31 May 2022

On 9 May, the second meeting of the Executive Committee of SGroup of 2022 took place in Porto, in a hybrid format. It focused on reviewing and improving the initiatives that are being developed by the network as well as making important decisions for planning SGroup’s development in the upcoming year.

The agenda also included reporting the work developed by the Secretariat in the past months and strategic discussions on current and future events (such as the Think Tank Conferences and Annual Meetings); the new internal activities of 2022; SGroup’s participation in external conferences and EU-funded projects; and the network’s positioning and presence in the EHEA, which will in due time be shared with the SGroup members. 


Gathering EC members and staff in person for the meeting represented an opportunity for in-depth debates leading to a fruitful and inspiring workday with lots of future projects and ideas. The meeting concluded by having dinner together, strengthening the human aspect of our professional relationships. 

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