Think Tank Academy Round table on ‘Measuring sustainability, engagement and impact’

5 July 2021

On 24 June, SGroup members gathered in a virtual Round Table titled ‘Measuring sustainability, engagement and impact: Times Higher Education Impact Rankings: yes or no?’, with the aim of discussing the relevance of this tool for measuring universities’ sustainability, societal engagement, and impact. 

The moderators, Catalina González and Camilo Villa from the University of Los Andes shared some insightful information and invited participants to exchange their perceptions about the Impact Ranking. They encouraged those with experience in it to share their views and elaborate on the contribution the Impact Ranking could make to improving the sustainability performance of our universities. 

This was the second SGroup Round Table,  a new format that creates an ideal environment for lively and internal discussions exclusive to our Members and Associate Members, including official representatives (General assembly members and Liaison officers) and other interested administrative staff from SGroup universities.

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