Webinar on Erasmus Without Paper

7 June 2021

On 18 May 2021, the European University Foundation organised the Erasmus Goes Digital Webinar titled “Ready, Set, Go – ESCI”. Valère Meus, SGroup Operations Manager and coordinator of the EWP projects, was one of the speakers. In the webinar, the current status of the Erasmus Without Paper initiative was explained and the next steps outlined.  

Erasmus Without Paper is now a core element of the overall European Student Card Initiative (ESCI) which aims to fully digitalise many aspects of Higher Education in Europe by 2025. The Erasmus Goes Digital series of webinars is organised by EUF to help higher education institutions to get ready for all-digital Erasmus+ management. Three webinars were organized: one on the Erasmus+ App, one on EWP and one on the Erasmus Dashboard. From mid-June, the Erasmus Dashboard will be fully operational within the EWP network and users will be able to exchange student data with in-house computer systems of individual HE institutions as well as third-party provider software users. The major commercial providers have committed to being ready by this deadline. 

The European Commission has also confirmed that only digitalized Interinstitutional Agreements and Learning Agreements will be accepted as of the academic year 2022-2023. 

Because of time constraints, many questions could not be answered. That’s why the third webinar on 27 May was not only devoted to the presentation of the new Dashboard functionalities but also to answering many questions, also on EWP.

The webinars have been recorded and can be viewed using the URLs below:

Webinar #3 I “IIAm & OLA latest updates – for Erasmus Dashboard users”

Webinar #2 I “Ready, Set, Go – ESCI”

Webinar #1 I “Meet the Erasmus+ App”

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