16 May 2018

After the success of last year’s meeting in Tarragona, SGroup is glad to invite you to the 3-day workshop on Doctoral Supervision, organized together with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

The event will take place from 25 to 27 June. SGroup is offering 5 places for member Universities (accommodation and flights are not included). You can now pre-register here until the 31st of May.


Dr. Tomas Grysell, from the University of Gothenburg, will be in charge of the presentation on the first day, introducing:

  • A reflective approach to your own conceptions of research and supervisory practice in the light of historic, national and international perspectives, as well as legal matters;
  • Insight about the different roles that are part of at supervision situation, in theory and practice, and understanding for the supervisor-PhD student relationship;
  • Experience and increased knowledge about benefit, in terms of growth and support, from the communicative and situated training offered for approaching different supervising situations;
  • A written statement on your own philosophy of supervision, discussing and sharing what, in your opinion, makes for good PhD supervision;
  • Ideas of research education at your own department/division and to identify a supervision policy formally/informally agreed upon;
  • An individual action plan using the statements made on your philosophy of supervision and the ideas of your department/division on research education and PhD supervision.

In the folowing two days, Dr. Joan Josep Carvajal and Dr. Maria Valverde, from the University of Rovira i Virgili, will hold their training programme, which main objectives include:

  • Become aware of the new roles of supervisors in the context of the new doctorate;
  • Give tools for the early identification of potential conflicts and resolution of the existent ones in the relation between the supervisor and the PhD researcher;
  • Develop a culture of the supervision that albeit being productive supports the PhD candidate;
  • Help to achieve satisfactory doctoral experiences, for both supervisors and PhD candidates;
  • Advocate on the quality, efficiency and excellence of the doctoral education;
  • Create a common and generalised research culture.


You can find the agendas and the practical info among the documents below.

Please pre-register here until the 31st of May.

To choose the final list of participants, which will be released no later than the first week of June, SGroup Executive Committee may ask candidates for further documentation

WS Doctoral Supervision Agenda 26-27 June.pdf (695.62 KB)Download
WS Doctoral Supervision - Practical Info.pdf (731.51 KB)Download
WS Doctoral Supervision Agenda 25 June.pdf (746.09 KB)Download
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