ICon Programme

ICon Programme

ICon Programme

Period: January 2017 to January 2025
Status: Current projects
Role: Coordinator
Type: Other
Category: Internal


InterContinental Academic Exchange Programme (ICon) originates from long-lasting collaboration links between the SGroup network and its members with institutions located in strategic regions and is associated with the Think Tank Academy. Its aim is to promote, facilitate and/or strengthen collaboration between SGroup institutions and their overseas partners through a short mobility scheme for academic and administrative staff members.The grants can be used to help fund a staff mobility period outside Europe. 

Testimonials from previous participants (click on the names to read):


2024 Call

The ICon Programme Guide 2024 containing the call, Application Form and all relevant information can be found here.

The call is open from 26 January 2024 to 03 May 2024 or until all scholarships have already been granted. Applications will be judged according to eligibility and award criteria on a first-come-first-served and rolling basis and until all grants have been assigned.

2023 Grants have been awarded so far as follows:

  •  ICon Grants for Latin America - 6 granted

    - Jorge Mota, University of Porto (to Chile)
    - Aurelio Baviera, University of Rovira i Virgili (to Argentina)
    - Anabela Alves, University of Minho (to Brazil)
    - Silvia Hirata, University of Lille (to Brazil)
    - Mar Fernandez, University of Valladolid (to Peru)
    - Mafalda Leite, University of Porto (to Brazil)
    - Brent Demant, University of Porto (to Brazil)

  • ICon Grants for China - 4 granted

    - Eddie Lou, University of Kent
    - Jinghang Liu, Technological University Dublin
    - Sandra Contreras Iglesias, University Rovira i Virgili

  • ICon Grants for Africa - 1 granted

    - Sonia Zulfiqar, University of Ostrava (to Egypt)

  • ICon Grants for Internal Networking (at associate members) - 0 granted:

    - Shanghai International Studies University, China;
    - Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia;
    - University of Los Andes, Colombia;
    - Ohio State University, United States of America;
    - La Trobe University, Australia;
    - Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

(updated 30/01/2024)

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