SGroup PhD Cup

SGroup PhD Cup

SGroup PhD Cup

Period: May 2022 to May 2026
Status: Current projects
Role: Coordinator
Type: Other
Category: Internal

SGroup PhD Cup
"Training and Competition in Science Communication" 

  (Picture of the finale of the 2022 edition)


2023 Edition

Please note that detailed information on the points covered in this page is available SGroup PhD Training and Competition Infopack here.

  1. About
    This event gives PhD candidates of SGroup institutions a unique opportunity to benefit from soft skill training to and compete to receive a 1000€ SGroup PhD Mobility Grant.

  2. Objectives
    This SGroup initiative aims to support the development of research students' capacity to explain their work effectively and reach new audiences, following the policy priority for Open Science of the European Commission, and contributing to further growing the social impact of research, a goal of SGroup. Its objectives also include establishing and creating opportunities for contact-making and collaboration among PhD candidates from SGroup members in Europe and associate members around the globe, creating a unique opportunity to raise the visibility of the research developed by the participants in the network.
  1. Applications and selection of participants

The participation is open to PhD students (active doctoral researchers are eligible if they have already achieved research results to share in their pitch) from the SGroup member and associate member universities. Graduates are not eligible. Applications are open from 6 February.

Eligible candidates can submit their applications using this form until March 31, 2023.

Each SGroup university has a spot for one participant granted. There is no limit to applications to be submitted per institution. The applicant (or more in case there are remaining spots) from each university who receives the highest score by the jury will be invited to participate and represent their university in the PhD Cup. Results will be announced by email to applicants in April.

  1. Training: "Crafting your Professional Pitch"

The Three Minutes Pitch competition will be preceeded with high-quality training in which participants will develop strategies for engaging and tailoring information to a broader audience. It will be delivered online on 19 and 20 June by an external experienced trainer in the field with a theatre background with expertise in developing rhetorical skills of academics, Ric Oquita (Impulsplus). Full info on the training is available in the Infopack here. Get to know the training here:


  1. Competition

After the training, participants will be asked to record their pitches and submit them as entries for the competition by  30 June (00h CEST). All the videos will then be viewed and evaluated by a jury who will focus on the presentation skills of the participants, rather than the academic quality of the project. The full admission and award criteria will be published on the SGroup website. 

SGroup will publicly announce the top 10 candidates by 30 September on its website and social media, as well as via email to the participants. 

  1. Final ceremony

The Final Ceremony will be held at the SGroup’s Annual Meetings, namely during the Think Tank Academy Conference, on 26 October 2023, in the University of Cantabria, Spain. The contestants with the five highest scores (Top 5) will be invited to attend and present their pitch live to the network and receive their prize in person. The home institutions of the finalists are asked to support their researchers in attending the event physically. If that proves impossible, virtual participation will be made possible.

  1. Awards and benefits for participants

Awards and benefits for participants

All participants will:

  • Access training where they will improve valuable, transferable skills in research communication and presentation to non-specialist audiences (useful for any next steps in their career) free of cost - the programme will be fully funded by SGroup;
  • Receive an SGroup Certificate of Participation;
  • Gain exposure for their research internationally by having their video pitches shared on SGroup’s website and YouTube page (unless they do not wish to);
  • Act as a delegate for their university in an event will foster networking and collaboration with fellow researchers and representatives from SGroup universities across the globe, which will help you secure new funding and/or develop important collaborations.

Additionally, the participants with the five highest scores in the competition phase will:

  • Have the opportunity to present live at the SGroup Annual Meetings, attended by around 100 Liaison Officers and General Assembly Representatives of all SGroup universities (which comprise International Relations professionals and Senior Executives, including Rectors and Vice-Rectors, etc);
  • Receive an individual feature on SGroup's website.

Plus, the winner of the live competition will:

  • Receive an SGroup PhD Mobility Grant of up to 1000€ (upon presentation of proof of payment) to finance a stay abroad in one or more institutions in any country to conduct activities related to their Doctoral research, to be spent within one year – according to the rules contained in this guide.

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