Period: November 2015 to June 2018
Status: Previous projects
Role: Full partner
Type: Erasmus KA1
Category: External

The UNICAH Project: Strategic Partnership for the Implementation of the University International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Network financed by the European Erasmus + Program its Key Action 2 for Strategic Partnership in the Field of High Education 2015.

The project is carried out among the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), University  of La Sapienza (Italy), University of Pavia (Italy) University Bretagne Sud (France), the SGroup European Universities' Network and the International Centre for Migrations, Health and Development.

It aims at preparing competitive professionals of the humanitarian sector able to implement change-making processes towards a more inclusive, respectful and fair global society, and fostering research and innovation in the field of international cooperation for the humanitarian professional sector.

Aware of the work that other university entities and networks have consolidated in this area (such as the NOHA network), the UNICAH project, thanks to the inclusion of strategic partners and its specific focus on the African continent, represents an essential complementary initiative for the specialization of higher education in CID and AH, as well as an opportunity to progressively expand the commitment of ultra peripheral and African universities in the field.

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