SGroup’s Think Tank Conference highlights diversity in Social Innovation

13 July 2022

Within the framework of the Think Tank Academy, SGroup organised the third edition of its Spring Conference on Monday 13 June 2022. Participants from almost 20 countries joined the three panels of experts with diverse professional, regional and perspectives on the topic “Responsible Higher Education for Social Innovation” providing a very appreciated comprehensive understanding of it.

SGroup would like to thank again all the guest speakers, Prof. Markku Sotaraut, Prof. Sanfa Can, Prof. Adélaide Blavier, Prof. Djillali Benouar and Dr Maria Rengifo, and the Think Tank Academy chapter coordinators for their contributions and the participants who joined us. 

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Social responsibility and social innovation were approached from different angles such as strategic policies connected to greening, engaging with the Social Development Goals, multidisciplinary approaches to work with vulnerable populations or generating resilience in recovery times. This was also the occasion for the launch of the Think Tank for the Social Mission of Universities, in a panel that provided an overview of approaches to inclusion in both Europe and Latin America, as well as good practices such as refugee engagement and employability and mobility-oriented Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion programmes.

The event concluded with the presentation of a new initiative of the TT4Doctoral Education, the SGroup PhD Training and Competition

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